The Pinnacle All Season Jacket

HCK4R™ is a technical all season graphene heated jacket meticulously designed for adventure, sport and travel. Built with sustainable GRAPHENECORE™ heating technology inside.

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Forget those bulky layers and big down jackets. GRAPHENECORE™ sustainable heating elements move infrared heat through its latticed structure, evenly distributing it around your body. Capable of producing reliable, high powered heat 2X faster than other heated jackets that utilize carbon fiber heating elements. 🔥

Relaxing Heat

There are many outstanding benefits of far infrared heat produced by Graphenecore™ heating elements. This special type of therapeutic heat can induce muscle relaxation, stress relief and improved sleep.


Graphene has many beneficial properties. It conducts electrical and thermal energy extremely well, it is highly efficient, lightweight, flexible and is chemically inert. That, in combination with the fact that it's sustainable, makes Graphene the perfect material to heat HCK4R™. 

$100K+ 🔥

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